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Set Support

Our grip packages are made to suit your productions needs, whether you have a small photo shoot, music video, commercial or a feature film. We have included a large array of frames, rags, flags, rigging gear and basic grip equipment in each package. We also offer a large variety of additional grip equipment that can be added to whichever package you choose.

4’ Step Ladder
6’ Step Ladder
8’ Step Ladder
10′ Step Ladder
12′ Step Ladder
20′ Extension Ladder
30’ Extension Ladder
Ladder Pod
Modern Car Hood Mount
Matthews Car Mount Window Tray (Hostess Tray)

20 Lb. Flyaway Sandbag
20 Lb. Sand Bag
Lead Shot Bags
Director’s Chair (High)
Director’s Chair (Low)
Furniture Pad
Sun Umberlla
Pop-Up Tents

Set Cup Blocks
Basso Blocks
Stair Blocks
Ice Chest
Painter Scaffolding
Motion Picture Scaffolding
Ford Axle/Bullprick
Gold & White Flex Fills
Pole Cats (Short, Medium, Long)
Silver & White Flex Fills