Unique Producers Service

13815 NW 19th Avenue
Miami, FL 33054
Tel. (305) 681-7627     Fax: (305) 687-4717



#1 Grip Clip
#2 Grip Clip
#3 Grip Clip
4” C-Clamp
4” C-Clamp w/ Stud
4” C-Clamp w/ Jr. Receiver
6” C-Clamp
6” C-Clamp w/ Stud
6” C-Clamp w/ Jr. Receiver
8” C-Clamp
8” C-Clamp w/ Stud
8” C-Clamp w/ Jr. Receiver
10” C-Clamp
10”C-Clamp w/ Stud
10” C-Clamp w/ Jr. Receiver
12” C-Clamp
12” C-Clamp w/ Stud
12” C-Clamp w/ Jr. Receiver
6” Furniture Clamp
12” Furniture Clamp
24” Furniture Clamp
36” Furniture Clamp
Baby Pipe Clamp
Jr. Pipe Clamp
Big Ben
Jr. Grid Clamp
Jr. Crowder Hanger
Jr. Double Header
Jr. Math Boom
Jr. Nail-on-Plate (Wall Bracket, Pigeon)
Jr. Offset Arm
Jr. Offset Drop Down
Jr. Pipe Clamp
Jr. Pipe Riser
Jr. Set Wall Plate
Jr. Side Arm
Jr. Trapeze
Jr. Triple Header
Jr. Trombone Hanger
Jr. Wall Bracket
Jr. Wall Sled
Baby Double Header
Baby Grid Clamp
Baby Grid Clamp
Baby Math Boom
Baby Nail-on-Plate (Pigeon)
Baby Offset Arm
Baby Pipe Clamp
Baby Right Angle
Baby Riser
Baby Side Arm
Baby Sliding Off Set
Baby Spud to Flex Arm
Baby T-Arm For Maffer
Baby Trapeze
Baby Triple Header
Baby Wall Sled
1 1/8 to 5/8 Adapter
1 x Holder w/Pin
New York Apple Box
Full Apple Box
1/2 Apple Box
1/4 Apple Box
1/8 Apple Box
2 x 4 Jr. Baby Adapters
2 x 4 Wall Spreader
2 x 6 Wall Spreader
2 x Holder w/Pin
Bazooka Jr. Ext. w/Wall Plate
Bead Board Holder
Beaver Board

C Boom
C-Boom Clamp
Camera Tie Down Chain
Candle Stick
Cardellini Clamp
Cargo Straps
Ceiling Clip w/Spud (T-Bar)
Condor Bracket
Empty Work Box
Foam Core Holder
Gaffer Grip
Grip Helper
J Hook
Maffer Clamp w/Spud
Magic Arms w/Maffer
Manfrotto Arms
Meat Ax
Motor Cycle Straps
Pony Clamp
Pro Berger
Pro Berger Swivel
Putty Knife 5/8 Adapter
Rachet Straps
Safety Cable
Scissors Clamp cable Holder
Spud Adaptor
Sr. Pipe Riser
Stirrup Hanger
Suction Cup w/Pin
Super Grip Suction Cup
T-Bone Floor Spider
Tree Branch Holder
Vise Grip Pin
Vise Grip w/Chain & Pin
Painter Scaffolding
Motion Picture Scaffolding

Car Mounts