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Porsche Cayenne with Russian Arm Information

Unique Producers Service is the only equipment rental house in South Florida stocking a Porsche Cayenne with the Russian Arm remote-controlled crane, trailer and three person team!

Porsche Cayenne and Russian Arm
The Porsche Cayenne all-wheel drive system can easily manage the Russian Arm as well as a Spring Mount Post System fitted with several Stabilized Head options designed to dampen the high/low frequency vibrations associated with ultimate speed motion film.
The Academy Award Winning Russian Arm is a remote-controlled vehicle mounted crane that consists of a gyro-stabilized pan and tilt arm.
This high speed mobile crane arm is mounted on the roof of the Porsche Cayenne and is used for filming moving vehicles from just about any and every angle you want in all weather conditions.
It’s operated via joystick controls from within the Porsche Cayenne Chase Car or from a remote location.

Tech Specs
• Pan & Tilt axis are gyro-stabilized.
• 360° panning capability around the Porsche Cayenne or picture vehicle.
• Minimum safe operating camera height off the road surface is 12”.
• Reach from the centre post is 14’.
• Fulcrum sits 8’ off the ground.
• Maximum lens height is 14’, armed 90° to either side of the Chase Car’s chassis.
• With an 18 mm lens a full frame top shot can be achieved.
• Stabilization tail fin allows the Russian Arm to pan side to side, back and forth at high speeds.
• Operating Tilt angle ±45°.
• Speed 6 sec / 360°.
• Max camera payload capacity 55 lbs.
• The RA is fully controlled from within a car and is capable of operating at speeds up to 110 mph.

Additional information available upon request.