AGP Productions Pilot

“BloodLines” – Netflix Series
In The Florida Keys
And Homestead Florida

“Burn Notice”
TVM Productions, Inc.
(Seasons #1 – #7)

“Sex Ed”
Sexy Eddie Productions

“Untitled Pilot”
Universal Network Tv

“The Chef”
The Chef Productions

“Rock Of Ages”
New Line Cinema

“Magic City” (The Series)
Starz Productions

“Pain And Gain”
Paramount Pictures

Sweet Tomato Productions

“Alvin And The Chipmunks – Chipwrecked“
TCF Vancouver

“Charlies Angels”
Woodbridge Productions
(Pilot And Season #1)

Flash Fire Productions

“In A Pickle”
The Zany Detective

“The Finder” (Pilot)
20Th Century Fox

“My Sexiest Year”
My Sexiest Year Productions

“The Maddening”
The Jonathan Krane Group

“X-Mas In Miami”

“Gringo Wedding”
Gringo Wedding, LLC.

“James Bond”
Epic Films

“Boynton Beach Bereavement Club”
Snowbird Films

"Tvm Productions, Inc."
The Glades (Season #1-5)

“Transporter 2”
Seaside Films, Florida, Inc.

“Tnt-The Line”
Hudson Productions

“Bachelor Party 2”
Bachelor Productions Inc

“South Beach”
Paramount Pictures

“Bad Boys”
Columbia Pictures

Team M Inc

Team M Inc
Flipper Films Inc.

“True Lies”
Omega Sector Inc

“Club Paradise”
NBC Productions

“The Substitute”
Substitute Productions

“Just Cause”
Warner Brothers

“The Specialist”
Warner Brothers

Paramount/United Artists

“Gone Fishing”
Caravan Pictures

Castle Rock Pictures

“Holy Man”
Caravan Pictures

“Speed Ii”
20Th Century Fox

“On Any Given Sunday”
Warner Bros.

Touchstone Pictures

“Wild Things”

“Step Up 4 Revolution”
Summit Entertainment

“Marley And Me”
Fox 2000

July 2010:

“Basketball Wives” SMBBW Inc. – The Series

April 2006:

“CSI-Miami” The Series

March 2006:

“13 Graves” 20Th Century/Fox-Television Productions

March 2006:

“Mercy Reef” Warner Bros. Pilot

August 2005:

“Invasion” Warner Brothers Pilot

July 2005:

“CSI-Miami” The Series

April 2005:

“South Beach” Paramount Pictures Pilot

Jan. 2005:

“CSI-Miami” The Series

July 2004:

“CSI-Miami” The Series

June 2004:

“King of The Jungle” Animal Planet

May 2004:

“The Ballad of Betty Page” HBO Pictures

May 2004:

“Room Raiders” MTV

Apr.-May 2004:

“In Her Shoes” Fox 2000

Jan. & Mar. 2004:

“CSI – Miami” The Series

Jan. 2004:

“Manchurian Candidate” Paramount

July-Oct. 2002:

“CSI-Miami” The Series

Sept. 2003:

“CSI-Miami” The Series

Mar.-April 2003:

“Karen Sisco” ABC Series Pilot

Jan.-Feb. 2003:

“Justin To Kelly” American Idols

July-Oct. 2002:

”CSI-Miami” The Series

July 2002:

“Mr. St. Nick” Metropolitan Productions

April 2002:

“Father Lefty” Big Ticket Productions

April 2002:

“CSI-Miami” The Pilot

Jan. 2002:

“Sweet Home Alabama” Disney Pictures

Nov.- Jan. 2002:

“Baseball Wives” HBO

July-Nov. 2001:

“Going to California” Showtime

April 2001:

“Winterdance” Walt Disney

Feb. 2001:

“The Hours” Paramount Pictures

July 2000:

“Jeepers Creepers” Francis Ford Copola


America’s Most Wanted
Going to Extremes
Miami Vice (5 years)
Oprah Winfrey Show
Inside the NFL
Summit of the Americas
Regis & Kelly

Jaime Kennedy Experiment
The Fugitive
Wise Guy
Today Show
HBO-Havana Nocturne
Disney Christmas Parade
Music Videos

Celine Dion
Gloria Estefan
Luther Campbell
Will Smith
Queen Latifa
Jaci Velasquez
Keith Sweat

Sugar Ray
Lil’ Zane
Trick Daddy
Chino Xl