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Camera Insert Car and Process Trailer Info

Our grip packages are made to suit your productions needs, whether you have a small photo shoot, music video, commercial or a feature film. We have included a large array of frames, rags, flags, rigging gear and basic grip equipment in each package. We also offer a large variety of additional grip equipment that can be added to whichever package you choose.

First of all, the Camera Insert Car is basically a moving camera platform that can carry a camera crew and equipment for the purpose of filming other vehicles and scenes for motion picture, commercial, episodic series, or music video projects. Also camera cranes, techno cranes, jib arms, and other devices can be mounted on the camera insert car as needed to film other moving vehicles in a car-to-car situations.

A Stabilized Mount Is Available For Smooth Movement In Traffic

Furthermore a stabilized camera mount can also be attached to perform the smoothest camera moves at various speeds while moving throughout the city streets, in between traffic and on closed courses to attain film shots the display precision moves of picture cars.

A Process Trailer Is Available To Carry The Picture Car

Finally the camera car can also be use to tow a process trailer which can have the picture car riding on it. Most noteworthy in this situation, the camera can be mounted on a dolly, or on sticks and shoot close up shots of the car and the passengers inside the car. Even more, the process trailer and camera insert car can carry lighting and grip equipment as needed to achieve the desired look and environment.

camera insert car

Pictures taken on location at Homestead Miami Speedway

Ford F-450 Camera Insert Car – Spec Sheet


Length: 24’
Width: 8’ 2”
Height: 7’ 4”
Wheel Base: 141”
Front Platform: 3’ 8” x 6’ 8”
Upper Platform (Above Driver): 5’ 4” x 4’ 10”
Lower Rear Platform: 1’ 9” x 7’ 9” (Closed)        
 4’ x 7’ 9” (Open)
Rear Platform with Crane Extension: 12’ 5” x 8’ 1”


F-450 Extended Cab
V-10 Triton Engine
Air Glide Suspension System
11 Tow Points (8 Side Tow) (3 Rear Tow)
15 – D Ring Rigging Points (20,000 Lbs. Maximum)
3 – Rear Deck D Ring Rigging Points (20,000 Lbs. Maximum)
10 – Upper Platform D Ring Rigging Points (10,000 Lbs. Maximum)
Super Techno Crane Capacity
1 ½” Speed Rail with Adapter to 1 ¼”
Silent Running 25 kw Generator
Cam Lock Connections (Front & Rear)
110v (Front, Rear, Center)
2 – 100 amp Stage Plugs
1 – 60 amp Stage Plug
1 – 220v Stage Plug (Rear Deck)

Process Trailer with Ford F-350 Extended Cab on deck

Process Trailer Specs

Length: 24’ Useable Space / 30’ Overall

Width: 8’ 6” opens to 12’

3 Axles w/ Brakes
13” Off the ground to 24”
Equipped with Speed Rail Fittings & Tie Downs

Daily Rates

Camera Car: $ 800.00

Process Trailer: $ 600.00

Driver: $ 760.00 / 10 Hrs.

Driver Prep Day: as needed

camera car and process trailer

We have several options for camera cars and camera mountings, from the vehicle shown
above to a Porsche Cayenne with Russian Arm.