Unique Producers, South Florida’s premier motion picture grip and electric rental house, was established in 1972 by brothers J.B. and Perry Jones. The company was launched with a single Econoline van and a pick-up truck that rented out for small local commercial shoots. By 1974, the brothers had added a 5-ton grip truck and moved into a 1100-square-foot warehouse.

New York commercial production companies came along during the winters to help pay the rent and build the inventory. As the years went by we gained a lease with Fisher Dollies, purchased carbon arc lights, DC generator, tractor trailer and 10-ton trucks advancing the company into motion picture work. This was accompanied by individualized service to each client. Television and feature film producers began to spread the word that if you were heading south to shoot, Unique was the company to call and they did.

George Oyarzun and Mike Zimmer

Television programming, live events, music videos, the full spectrum of films from small Indies to multi-million dollar Hollywood action epics. The Jones family along with other dedicated film technicians provided equipment and support to literally hundreds of projects.

the staff of Unique Producers

We’re still proud to service local commercial shoots, as well as TV shows and motion pictures. Our inventory has expanded from that Ford van to tractor trailors with movie blimped generators, 10-tons, 5-tons, 3-tons, 4000 gallon and 6000 gallon water trucks, stake beds, movie blimped tow plants and a camera car capable of handling a technocrane.

In February 2014, the company was sold to Miami businessmen George Oyarzun and Mike Zimmer. George has been around Unique for many years working behind the scenes with the late Darrell Jones. Mike served as operation manager and chief photographer for the NBC-owned and operated station, WTVJ. He was also president of the South Florida Super Bowl Host Committee in 2010 and is president of the 2020 Super Bowl Committee.

One thing that has not changed, personalized service for each and every project and client. After all, each client is unique and Unique is committed to making sure you are treated that way.