Unique Producer Service Inc.
13815 NW 19th Avenue
Miami, FL 33054

Unique Producers Service Incorporated is a family owned and operated business. We are proud to service local commercial shoots, as well as TV shows and motion pictures. Our inventory has expanded from a Ford van to Tractor Trailors with Movie Blimped Generators, 10-tons, 5- tons, 3-tons, 4000 gallon water trucks, stake beds, Movie Blimped tow plants and a Camera Car capable of handling a Technocrane. We offer personalized service for each and every project and client. After all, each client is unique and Unique is committed to making sure you are treated that way.

A Typical Commercial Truck Package Includes:

- five or ten ton truck
- stakebed truck
- generator available for short or long term rental 

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